CNC Glass Cutting
Glass Edging
CNC Workcentre
Drilling or Notching
Straight Line Polish up to 50mm thick glass o Flat Polish - Cerium finish o Miter Polish (22.5 and 45 degree and custom angles) Shape Polish to 19mm thick glass o Pencil edge o Flat edge o Bullnose o Ogee
Semi-Automatic drilling of various hole size Any size hole or notch can be cut by waterjet
Glass Fabrication
Automatic straight and shape cutting to tight tolerances 3mm to 19mm glass thickness Sheet size up to 102" x 144" Cut from Autocad DXF files
Fully Automatic routering & polishing for shape edging High degree of accuracy and consistency Cutouts for hardware Interior cutout edge finishing capability Direct processing from CAD files or DXF files
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