Tri-Temp    Glass    Inc.    is    a    manufacturer    of    custom    fabricated    safety    glass    products .    for    the residential,   commercial   and   other   glass   markets.         We   specialize   in   manufacturing   frameless glass    showers,    frameless    glass    railings,    and    architectural    glass    products.        Our    aim    is    to diversify     our     capabilities     and     consistently     provide     the     most     reliable     turnaround     of fabricated glass in the GTA. Since   2007   we   have   been   supplying   tempered   glass   products   to   the   Ontario   market   and beyond.      Our   staff   at   Tri-Temp   Glass   brings   over   100   years   of   experience   in   glass   fabrication and    tempering.        We    are    excited    to    be    one    of    a    few    suppliers    of    flat    tempered,    heat strengthened and laminated safety glass  in the GTA. In   2015   we   added   the   ability   to   produce   Laminated   Glass   and   Bent   Tempered   Glass.       We   also have   started   to   supply   back   painted   glass   and   also   added   an   automatic   sandblasting   spray booth that can handle sizes up to 96” tall. In   2017   we   added   a   waterjet    machine   for   fast   and   precise   custom   notching,   allowing   us   to cut special shapes and also provide custom cutting of other materials.  Our   19,000   square   foot   facility   allows   us   to   produce   fabricated   glass   with   our   tempering furnace   (4mm   to   19mm   up   to   sizes   96   x   144).      We   have   extensive   straight   line   and   shape edging   capabilities   as   well   as   the   ability   to   produce   precision   fabricated   products   with   our CNC cutting line, CNC edging machine and Waterjet cutting capabilities. We   offer   a   regular   local   delivery   service   in   the   GTA   and   can   arrange   delivery   of   our   glass products throughout Canada and the US. At   Tri-Temp   Glass   there   is   no   voice   mail…   call   us,   we   answer   and   can   serve   you…   in   English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Hindi-Urdu and Tamil…..
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